Concept / Structure Designing

Concept design is the first design stage. The preferred option which came from the preliminary studies, which could include feasibility study and option appraisal, is then be developed into a concept design together with Value Engineering.

We at Hamdan Design Studio create and develop concept designs that will be useful in starting any construction projects, may it be residential, Office or industrial buildings. Our concept design is a fusion of client’s preferences and what is ideal in the construction and architectural industry. We take pride in all our creations as we believe that every project we undertake are finished with an output with the highest quality possible and always on time/ within the schedule.

During the concept design stage, Hamdan Design Studio team will develop:

  • The design concept.
  • Outline specifications.
  • Schedules of accommodation.
  • A planning strategy.
  • The cost plan.
  • Procurement options.
  • Programmed and phasing strategy.
  • Build ability and construction logistics.

Construction Management

Hamdam Design Studio could be your one-stop-shop when it comes to your architectural and construction needs.

We offer an overall planning, coordination and control of a project from beginning to completion. We make sure that every project will be done on time and will fit to every client’s given budget.

We do the following to successfully finish the project:

  • Specifying project objectives and plans including delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants.
  • Maximizing the resource efficiency through procurement of labor, materials and equipment.
  • Implementing various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction in the entire process.
  • Developing effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts.

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